Chip Kelly questions everything, then innovates

Chip Kelly questions everything, then innovates
August 14, 2014, 10:15 am
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Question *everything* and blend the old with the new. And do so in the most efficient manner scientifically possible. That seems to be Chip Kelly's philosophy.

Grantland football writer Chris B. Brown writes a nice piece on the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles today that shows that Chip Kelly isn't reinventing football, but he is certainly innovating the way his team operates on a minute-by-minute basis.

It starts out light, with Kelly poking some fun at himself but also in a revealing manner:

“I was probably a pain in the ass as a little kid,”Kelly said recently. “I questioned everything. I’ve always been a why guy, trying to figure out why things happen and what they are and just curious about it from that standpoint.”

It goes on to talk about many of the things we've come to know about Chip. That he really does live and breathe football. That there are no walk-throughs on Saturdays, just normal full-speed practices. That there is a reason for the way his team does everything. That he's not revolutionizing the game of football but simply attempting to exploit other teams by maximizing the skill and preparedness of his own weapons.

There's probably not a ton in the piece that diehard Birds' fans don't already know, but if there's a chance you could learn something new, Chip Kelly would probably think you should.

And a quote to finish with that I really think captures Kelly well:

"Coaching is one thing and one thing only: It is creating an environment so the player has an opportunity to be successful,” Kelly told those high school coaches. “That is your job as a coach. When you teach him to do that, get out of his way.”

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