Dario Saric lost a bunch of teeth in FIBA World Cup [UPDATE: w/ video]

Dario Saric lost a bunch of teeth in FIBA World Cup [UPDATE: w/ video]
September 2, 2014, 9:45 am
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By all accounts Dario Saric has been impressive while playing for his Croatian team in the FIBA World Cup. He's also been in quite a bit of pain. According to reports, the 2014 Sixers draftee and integral part of the Hinkie Plan took an elbow to the face and lost six teeth. That didn't stop him from balling for his country though.

Shamus J. Clancy writing for the Daily News on Monday compared Saric's versatile point-forward style to that of Toni Kukoc or Lamar Odom:

Saric is averaging 27.3 minutes, 13.7 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per contest in three tournament games while shooting 51.7 percent from the field.


One play that stands as Saric's most memorable of the weekend occurred in Sunday's win over Argentina. Saric reportedly lost six teeth after getting elbowed by Andres Nocioni, a former Sixer. Saric subsequently nailed a three-pointer and remained in the game.

His feisty nature of crashing the boards, diving for balls, arguing with referees and losing teeth will surely endear Saric to Sixers fans when he has the opportunity to join the Sixers in 2016.

Pro Basketball Talk's Kur Helin was also impressed with Saric's effot on Sunday, noting that Dario, "moves well for a big and has skills, there is legit potential there."

Potential plus grit sounds like a nice recipe for a future in Philly.

I am however a bit surprised that a game that took place in such high profile international competition has not produced a YouTube video of a guy losing six teeth from an elbow. You failed us today, Internet.
UPDATE: The Internet finally delivers with video: