Dario Saric's overseas career is off to an interesting start

Dario Saric's overseas career is off to an interesting start
August 26, 2014, 12:30 pm
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While 2014 12th overall pick Dario Saric is unlikely to come to America to join the Philadelphia 76ers anytime soon, Sixers fans can at least rest safely knowing that Saric's career is in good hands overseas in Croatia, and that there's definitely no behind-the-scenes shadiness distracting from his basketball development and fast-track to the NBA.
Wait, no, I mean the exact opposite of that. According to a recent Vice article, it seems like there's nothing but murkiness surrounding the beginning to Saric's pro career, which includes ties to a convicted embezzler, political-prisoner freer and private security magnate, who paid Saric's recent gigantic transfer fee to keep him in the Adriatic league for reasons mostly unclear.
You can read all about Saric's unseemly relationship with Josip Klemm of Klemm Security here, though here's a representative sample:

A cynic might see Klemm's entry into the situation at this time as less an act of some deep-pocketed benevolent patriot, and more that of a cold opportunist looking to exploit a moment of desperation for financial gain. Whatever the case, the money lent to Cibona to pay the fee came with what Klemm openly said was the understanding that he would be repaid when Saric either went to the NBA or was sold to another club in Europe. However, the exact agreement between Klemm and Cibona remains unclear, and very few details of Saric's contract with the club have ever been released.
Great! So as long as Saric doesn't get tied up in a financial and/or legal clusterf--- over there and manages to avoid running further afoul of any shady tycoon types who might have something to say about what happens with his future earnings, he should be heading unfettered to Philadelphia in no time at all. See you in the funny papers, Dario!

(h/t Jake Pavorsky of Liberty Ballers)