Donovan McNabb: Nick Foles should be ready for boos

Donovan McNabb: Nick Foles should be ready for boos
July 28, 2014, 10:45 am
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Donovan McNabb knows a thing or two about playing quarterback in Philadelphia. So when the best quarterback to ever play for the franchise comments on Nick Foles, it's worth listening to what No. 5 has to say.

McNabb is now a member of the media and has been mostly known for stating the obvious. But as part of a Fox Sports 1 roundtable that includes Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Jay Glazer and Joel Klatt, the crew actually make some insightful comments on Chip Kelly's squad.

Randy Moss thinks the Eagles offense is really going to miss DeSean Jackson stretching the field while McNabb believes the benefits of the Kelly system will outweigh the DJacc loss. But it's McNabb's comments on Foles that will obviously get the most attention. Via Birds 24/ 7:

“I’m just a little worried if he can do it for a full season,” McNabb said during a roundtable discussion on Fox Sports 1. “I’m just worried about that aspect, not so much of his health, but can you be consistent like what we saw last year? We’ve seen so many quarterbacks give us one  year of greatness, and then all of a sudden they can’t live up to the expectations. I’m not saying he can’t do that in that offense, but I think expectations are a little bit too high for Nick Foles.

"When you're in command of an offense like that, the confidence is so high going into this offseason about Nick Foles, instead of the offense. Guys remember that. Guys have that in mind going into workouts, and they're hearing so much about the quarterback. But for Nick Foles, he’s never truly been a guy where the focus is on him. In Philadelphia, the focus is on the quarterback. If he can’t do the same things he did in that first season, it’s gonna be tough."

I'm not sure I agree with McNabb here. Are the expectations *that* high on Nick Foles? He obviously put up fantastic numbers last season and became known as a guy who will take care of the football, but I don't think anybody has penned him in as a future Hall of Famer or even one of the elite QBs in the NFL. That's not saying he can't turn into one but I don't think expectations are through the roof.

And the second quote from McNabb there is the McNabb we really knew when he was in Philly. It just seems like a quote about a guy who is too worried about what other people are thinking. McNabb is/was uber sensitive and very cognizant of what others were saying about him whereas Nick Foles doesn't seem to care what others think. He's there to do a job and that's it.

Donovan also tosses out a "just be ready for the boos," but I think it was more of a throwaway comment than anything serious. I mean, that could be said about any Philly athlete ever.

But McNabb doesn't think the offense will hold them back, "On the offensive end, I think they're fine. The big question obviously with Foles. To me, it's more on the defensive end. Who's going to get to the quarterback? They brought in Connor Barwin and had him dropping the majority of the time. Will Trent Cole survive in that 3-4 defense? He's not a 3-4 guy. When you look at the guys they brought in, Malcom Jenkins from New Orleans, the linebacking corp, Marcus Smith, they have guys that can get to the quarterback now. With an offense who was top 5, their defense if they're top 10 or top 15..."

Then he kind of trails off, but I believe he thinks they can be a pretty darn good football team.