Eagles Snap Shot: Zach Ertz posterizes Patrick Chung

Eagles Snap Shot: Zach Ertz posterizes Patrick Chung
August 16, 2014, 2:30 am
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As the Philadelphia Eagles know all too well, Patrick Chung is dangerous. Too often for the Birds in 2013, the veteran safety was a danger to his own teammates, or a danger to deploy in coverage, or a danger any time he attempted to make a tackle. Yep, both sides are pretty much on red alert whenever Chung steps on the field.

Now back with the New England Patriots following his release in March, Chung managed to avoid drawing a penalty flag for a questionable hit on Brent Celek during Friday’s preseason encounter. However, justice would be served for that and a year’s worth of torment just three plays later when fellow tight end Zach Ertz reeled in a touchdown pass that Chung was helpless to stop.

“Posterized” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but Ertz certainly had his way with the defender. He essentially just ran to the No. 23, faced the quarterback and used his 6’5”, 250-pound frame to box out Chung.

While Chung’s hit on Celek made the rounds in some New England-based media outlets, its legality in the age of the defenseless receiver penalty is debatable—not to mention, Celek held on for a 22-yard gain. Regardless, there were instances over the course of the game—and as Philadelphia can attest, there are plenty more to come—where Chung was plain ineffective.

In a cruel twist, though, you should probably actually be rooting for him to make the team up there.