#FireRuben trends as Amaro stands pat

#FireRuben trends as Amaro stands pat
July 31, 2014, 4:45 pm
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Ruben Amaro Jr. made no trades as the 4:00 pm non-waiver trade deadline came and went. Fans are seemingly upset about the fact that Amaro was unable to turn any of his current assets into pieces that could help build toward a better future.

#FireRuben quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter in the Philadelphia area.

Amaro gave some fantastic quotes to reporters down in Washington shortly after the 4:00 pm deadline that may have egged fans on a bit.

As the great Jeffrey Lebowski once said, "you're not wrong, Walter, you just forgot to mention the awful, atrocious, no-good contracts you gave those pretty good players and therefor nobody wanted to trade for them."