'Guys have bad years,' or the 2014 Phillies

'Guys have bad years,' or the 2014 Phillies
July 21, 2014, 10:15 am
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The Phillies picked up this weekend right where they left off before the All-Star break. Cole Hamels was great enough to help his team earn a win, but the rest of the bunch made dropping two of three to the Braves look like old hat. Kyle Kendrick was a chief contributor to the futility this weekend down in Atlanta.

Kyle pitched very poorly yesterday, allowing six earned runs over five innings of work on five hits and two walks. He also had the quote of the weekend / year. Courtesy of the Inquirer's Matt Gelb:

"It's been a tough year for me," said Kendrick, a free agent this winter. "I don't know why; it just hasn't been a good year. Guys have bad years and so far that's how it's been. I have to keep pitching."

That's this weekend's nominee for the title of the 2014 Phillies Yearbook DVD: "Guys have bad years."

We've been known in the past to have defended Kyle Kendrick as the type of the back of the rotation pitcher a team needs. But it's tough to do that with numbers like this thrown around:

Kendrick has a 5.38 ERA in the last calendar year (30 starts, a full season's worth). That is the worst ERA for any major-league pitcher with at least 30 starts during that span.

Eagles training camp soon.