Joel Embiid thought he could've dropped to second round

Joel Embiid thought he could've dropped to second round
June 27, 2014, 5:00 pm
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Joel Embiid joined the Dan Patrick show on Friday and talked about an array of topics. Most notably, Embiid was a bit surprised the Sixers selected him at No. 3 overall. He thought, after suffering the stress fracture in his foot, he could fall into the teens or even all the way into the second round.

That clearly didn't happen.

On his back:

"My back is pretty good. It's fine. Since I've been working out again the problem hasn't come back and the doctor told me it wasn't going to be an issue. It's not an issue."

On how scary his foot surgery was:

"I mean it was pretty scary but the doctor gave me two options. Having surgery or not having surgery. He told me the surgery was going to be better and my foot was going to heal that it wasn't going to be a long-term problem so I decided to have surgery.

The non-surgery option:

"That I would just recover and get healed. The problem eventually was going to come back. So I went back to the surgery since they said it wouldn't be a long-term problem."

He said he's meeting with doctors to get a timeline on his return to the court. Sam Hinkie thinks it's a 5-8 month time period.

On the TV delay:

"I was excited, I was happy. People were just going crazy. It was just the tape delay."

On who he looks forward to dominating:

"Someone like maybe DeAndre or Dwight Howard. [laughs]"