Jonathan Papelbon was kind of bored by pitching in no-hitter

Jonathan Papelbon was kind of bored by pitching in no-hitter
September 2, 2014, 10:45 am
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While you could arguably make the case that Jonathan Papelbon is the best closer in Phillies history, you certainly cannot put him on any "most liked" lists of Philly athletes.

A bit of that was on display yesterday after he locked down the first combined no hitter in the franchise's storied history. Which was totally awesome, by the way.

Veteran ace Cole Hamels seemed genuinely excited by the accomplishment while youngsters Jake Diekman and Ken Giles were all smiles and viewed it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Then there was Papelbon who just kind of seemed bored by it all. From Phillies scribe Jim Salisbury who was down in Atlanta for the historic day:

The four pitchers appeared together on a dais in a postgame news conference. Three of them were outwardly elated. Papelbon, who loves to be different, went the straight-face route and pretended to be bored by it all.

“I pitched two no-hitters in high school,” he said.

Papelbon is an adrenaline junkie. He was asked if the adrenaline of protecting a no-hitter in a 7-0 game was similar to the adrenaline he feels protecting a close lead in a save situation.

Ho hum. No-hitters are boring. Etc. Etc.

If Papelbon is bored by no-hitters that he pitches in, I wonder what he thinks about the other 161 games the team plays in each year.

I get that in the grand scheme of wanting to win a World Series that Monday's win counted as one game and didn't move the Phillies chances any closer from zero to reality, but these guys are playing sports for a living. They just completed a historic feat, it's okay to enjoy it. People like seeing other people enjoy things.

I guess as their injured teammate Cliff Lee would say, "Whatever."