LeBron to Cleveland: What the blockbuster decision means for Sixers

LeBron to Cleveland: What the blockbuster decision means for Sixers
July 11, 2014, 1:15 pm
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LeBron first shared news to SI.com

The rumors, incredible as they seemed even 48 hours ago, are indeed true: LeBron James, two-time champ with the Miami Heat and reigning greatest basketball player in the world, is leaving the comfy confines of South Beach and heading back to wintry Northeast Ohio. Like Dr. Samuel Beckett, LeBron will try to put right what once went wrong by leading the Cleveland Cavaliers, his erstwhile "hometown team," to championship glory for the first time in franchise history, after leaving the team four years earlier to properly come of age with the help of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Pat Riley.
Needless to say, this is the biggest, most important news to hit the NBA since the last time LeBron James announced he was switching teams. (No TV special this time, by the way, just a very tasteful Sports Illustrated interview dictated by the man himself, which only the truest of haters could really find great issue wtih.) By the time the fallout has settled, the ripple effects from LeBron's Decision 2.0 will have echoed out to just about every corner of the NBA universe.

And yes, that includes the Philadelphia 76ers. We mentioned on the Level yesterday about how LeBron leaving Miami could be a very beneficial thing to the Sixers, and now that LBJ's departure is indeed a reality, the wheels appear to have been set in motion.
(UPDATE: The Lin + picks dream has died, he's headed to LA)

Trusted Yahoo! reporter Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that indeed, the Rockets will now be moving quickly to clear maximum cap room for the addition of Heat power forward Chris Bosh, who without LeBron as a prospective Miami running mate now has little motivation to return for less money to South Beach. In addition, Woj reports that the Rockets will be matching Dallas' offer sheet for free agent forward Chandler Parsons, ensuring that they are entirely capped out and will need to start jettisoning just about everything that isn't nailed down to the floor of the Toyota Center.
This is where the Sixers come in, as they have long been reported to be a dumping ground for Houston's (still pretty valuable) refuse--namely, highly compensated point guard Jeremy Lin, whose toxic final year on his contract makes him a tough sell to most teams. In exchange for taking him off Houston's hands, the Sixers should be poised to land a couple valuable assets from the Rockets, possibly including a future first-rounder (either HOU's own or one on loan, again, from the Pelicans) and/or a promising young forward like Donatas Motiejunas or Terrence Jones.
For now, all that remains to be seen, but regardless of what happens (and what kind of further lunacy springs from here, with or without the Sixers' involvement), it's going to be an absolutely riveting next 72 hours in the Association. Mountains will rise, buildings will crumple, dogs and cats will fuse together in unexpected but potentially charming ways. LeBron, goshdarnit, you've done it again.