LeSean McCoy is on 'some Chip Kelly [stuff]'

LeSean McCoy is on 'some Chip Kelly [stuff]'
August 15, 2014, 12:00 pm
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It appears to be Chip Kelly week across the Internet. Yesterday we shared Kelly's penchant for questioning everything before blending the old and the new and innovating. Today we get a look at Chip through the eyes of perhaps his most talented pupil: LeSean McCoy.

The ESPN Magazine piece by Seth Wickersham focuses on "How Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly converted Shady McCoy into a believer."

It's got some real fascinating stuff too, like how Chip Kelly tracks his players hydration via pee samples, how he tracks their sleep and then can show them how they were slow at practice the day after a poor night's sleep, how every single pound of body weight matters. There's so much good stuff.

It uses Shady's story to tell Chip's wonderfully. McCoy was a bit skeptical of the "college guy" at first but he slowly buys in and eventually goes absolutely all in. Chip just wants to put Shady in the position to be the best. Shady just wants to listen and do what Chip tells him to do. To be the best.

You obviously have to read the whole thing but the anecdote about McCoy working HARD on the treadmill during the offseason is my favorite.

Suddenly McCoy grabs his side. "I got a cramp!" he shouts. "F---!"

"You got Level 9 coming up," Williams says. "Get your head around."

"Ahhhhh!" McCoy moans, as if practicing his falsetto. Williams ups it to 9, then down to 7, before cranking it to 10. "Got a f---ing 10!" McCoy yells. Others at the gym glare. McCoy stares at an imaginary finish line. Williams drops it to Level 7, then up to 12 for the final leg. McCoy grimaces.

"Best fourth-quarter finisher in NFL history!" Williams shouts.

"That's a fact!" McCoy yells.

The final minute drips down. McCoy leaps off the treadmill and lies on the floor. Gripping his waist as if he might vomit, breathing so hard that he might faint, he's strangely pleased.

"No stopping," McCoy gasps. "That's some Chip Kelly shit there."

"Some Chip Kelly shit."

Somebody will probably put that on a t-shirt.