Melo Mania could bring Lin-sanity to Philly

Melo Mania could bring Lin-sanity to Philly
July 2, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Jeremy Lin hasn't exactly been the wild phenom in Houston that he was in New York. But he'd certainly be fun in Philly.

Sam Hinkie and the Philadelphia 76ers are not expected to be major players in the free agency bonanza that opened up as the calendar flipped to July this week. But all of that free cap space the organization has worked towards since Hinkie took the reins could land them a worldwide sensation and perhaps a first-round draft pick in the process.

LeBron James is the biggest free agent in all the land, but most reports peg him returning to South Beach to hone those many talents and maybe find some reliable teammates. Next up on GMs from around the league's wishlist is Carmelo Anthony, who teams are putting on the full-court press for this week.

One of the teams showing a ton of interest in Melo is the Houston Rockets. They've even put a pretty PhotoShop of the Knicks star in a Rockets uniform up on the marquee of their arena! But they may need to free up a bit of cap space to make an Anthony signing prudent. Enter Sam Hinkie.

NBA writer Jake Fischer says that Hinkie may have engaged in discussions to help Houston and himself in the process:

Hearing that Rockets & Sixers are in fluid trade talks surrounding Jeremy Lin. HOU waiting to unload Lin's deal if it signs Melo or Lebron.

As the Sixers-heads over at Liberty Ballers point out, Lin has just one more year on his deal with a cap hit just a shade over $8 million. So the financials wouldn't hamstring them much at all. Plus, Lin would certainly add some excitement and likely a new demo of fans during a season that could struggle to keep the casual fans interested for very long.

But what could Hinkie get in return for helping out his former club? A first-rounder? That sounds nice to me.