Phillies fans reminded of the power of Chooch

Phillies fans reminded of the power of Chooch

August 19, 2014, 9:30 am
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It's hard out there for Phillies fans. Most aren't tuning in on a nightly basis anymore. Many have stopped peeking at the standings every morning. And some... some may have even forgotten just how awesome catcher Carlos Ruiz is to have around on your favorite ball club.

I know. Who could do such a thing? Sounds sacrilege.

Our friendly reminder on Monday night came after the Phils 4-1 win over the visiting Seattle Mariners in which Jerome Williams pitched a 3-hit, 7-inning gem.

CSN's John Finger was there to capture the rare moment of praise in the Phillies clubhouse. Williams, a journeyman who has done pretty much nothing but struggle along from place to place the past few years, credited his surprise success to none other than the guy behind the plate calling the signals.

So, how was Williams able to spin a gem in thePhillies’ 4-1 win over Seattle on Monday night at Citizens Bank Park?

“Chooch,” Williams said. “That was basically it. Just working with [catcher Carlos Ruiz] I’m doing things I never did before this year. He has confidence in me to do it and I have confidence to go out there and do it.”

The only problem with this is that Ruben Amaro Jr. may see it and go out and pick up every Joe Pitcher off the waiver wire thinking Chooch will be able to replicate his magic and then the 2015 starting rotation is going to be a bunch of retreads.

All kidding aside, it sure is actually nice to see Chooch getting some praise once again. Feels like many of us just kind of forgot how great that guy can be behind the plate.