Photos: What 'base ball' looked like in 1864 (but today)

Photos: What 'base ball' looked like in 1864 (but today)
July 28, 2014, 3:15 pm
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Friend of the Level Tug Haines had a great time watching some vintage baseball being played in the Philly area over the weekend. He photographed it and wrote some words for us below.
Saturday I went out to Berks County to watch my friends with the Brandywine Vintage Base Ball Club of West Chester play the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia in a game of baseball - excuse me - base ball. The rules these two particular clubs play by are from the 19th century (1864 to be exact).
For the most part, the uniforms are in the fashion of the time as well. On this particular day, both teams were short before the second game was to start and they had to do a little last-minute recruiting to get the lineups filled. A couple guys from other teams loaned themselves to the cause and the rest of the bystanders were outfitted as best as they could be.
There is a Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League and the presidents of the clubs have told me they are looking to expand to other counties, and could always use a couple people looking to play on their rosters. And if you’re just looking for something to do in the area, check the clubs’ schedules to find out where they’re going to be every weekend.
(Ed. note: wonder what he's drinking there?)