Poll shows fans' faith in Amaro at all-time low

Poll shows fans' faith in Amaro at all-time low
July 21, 2014, 1:15 pm
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Phillies-centric whimsical website operator ZooWithRoy has been known to embellish the truth or even go so far as to "make stuff up" when it comes to baseball news. So when I saw ZWR tweet "Phillies fans keeping a positive outlook" with an accompanying screen cap of a Philly.com poll, I thought it was another clever attempt by the penguin to fool us.

According to ZWR's screen cap, a staggeringly low 3.5% of respondents "are confident the Phillies will get an adequate return in trades for any of their veterans."

That number can't be real, I thought. So I visited Philly.com to check for myself and that number wasn't entirely accurate. After adding my own response, the number fell to a remarkable 3.4% positive response.

Also, I'm just assuming 3.4% positive faith in Ruben is an all-time low. It's not possible to get any lower, right? RIGHT? RIGHHT!?!

So, like I said last week, either the Phillies will trade some guys or they won't. And nobody is confident in the guy making the decisions. Welcome to current day baseball fandom in Philadelphia.