Report: Rick Brunson used Patrick Ewing's name to book massage

Report: Rick Brunson used Patrick Ewing's name to book massage
July 9, 2014, 8:30 pm
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Rick Brunson is not Patrick Ewing. (AP)

Rick Brunson couldn't use his own name to book a massage, so he used Patrick Ewing's.


Let's review.

Things have gone downhill fast for the former Temple standout and NBA player ever since it was reported that his alma mater was planning on bringing him back to Temple as an assistant coach for the men's basketball team.

Brunson was involved in an alleged sexual assault at a fitness club and arrested in suburban Chicago on June 25, the same day news surfaced that he was poised to return to the Owls.

According to a police report, the alleged incident occurred at Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills, where Brunson grabbed an employee. He was charged with criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse and third-degree aggravated battery.

Now, more details have come to light.

After the masseuse told Brunson to stop requesting her services, Brunson used the name of a onetime teammate to book another appointment.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

According to the police reports, he booked the April 2 appointment under the name “Patrick Ewing,” a former star with the New York Knicks, and took the woman by surprise when he arrived and removed his clothes.

The woman told police she initially protested at giving him a massage but agreed to begin a standard 60-minute session because he had already undressed and used one of her appointment slots.

Police say Brunson touched the masseuse, but specifics were not released. The woman’s bra was collected for possible DNA evidence.

Brunson was informed by Lifetime Fitness that his membership was terminated because of the incident on April 9, the same day Brunson called and texted the employee multiple times.

The incident could have implications for Brunson's alma mater as his son, Jalen, who is regarded as the top high school point guard in the U.S., has considered attending college at Temple University and has a formal offer from the school.

But that should be the least of Rick Brunson's worries. He's due in court Thursday.