Roy Halladay writes an ode to Chase Utley on Twitter

Roy Halladay writes an ode to Chase Utley on Twitter
July 22, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Chase Utley won the high honor of being the Philadelphia Phillies 2014 Heart and Hustle Award recipient on Tuesday morning. "This esteemed award honors active players who demonstrate a passion for the game of baseball and best embody the values, spirit and tradition of the game. The Heart and Hustle Award is also the only award in Major League Baseball that is voted on by former players," according to the official press release.

Fans and players alike may take this award for granted but one player who does not is former Phillie and the man who threw a perfect game, Roy Halladay.

Since his retirement from baseball Halladay has enjoyed sharing many personal moments with fans on Twitter. He's shown us some fun stuff, from his piloting airplanes to his fishing escapades, including the giant fish that he catches in his free time. Just yesterday he caught that beast you see above.

But he will also occasionally drop some baseball knowledge as he did on Tuesday afternoon after he learned of Chase receiving the honor once again. The former Cy Young Award winner gushed about his old teammate.

From a series of Halladay's tweets which we compiled together to make a little bit easier to read. All sic'd.

"I struggle writing this due to the privacy of a man of integrity and the definition of a baseball player. In the video room in the stadium.. You will find a row of heart and hustle trophies with chases name. Not because somebody chose to display them but rather a junk drawer...Of sorts for a man who although appreciates the honor plays the game for all the right reasons! Not to be seen or heard or for attention.. No look at me see how or any of the me first mentality taking over all parts of baseball sports ect. One of my greatest honors was putting.. My heart and hustle trophy along side the definition of the award Their must be one on every team I seen two in my life Scott Rolen and most of all Chase Utley! The award has lost meaning its normally....Given to the guy having the best year. But if you could somehow measure that in a man chase is run away from the pack! What's really sad...Is some our busy patting them selves on the back and missing what a true baseball player is! I kid you not when he talked to me ....On the field I got goose bumps every time! Please encourage your friends, family, most of all your kids to be like chase! #26&chooch!"

Roy Halladay says he got goosebumps every time Chase Utley spoke to him on the baseball field. Think about that.

#26&chooch forever.