Ruben Amaro calls Mike Missanelli 'uninformed'

Ruben Amaro calls Mike Missanelli 'uninformed'

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July 8, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Give Ruben Amaro Jr. credit, he’s not backing down from any fights. That proved true again on Tuesday when the general manager of the last-place Philadelphia Phillies got heated during an interview on the Mike Missanelli Show on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Ever the antagonist, Missanelli wasted little time making small talk and lobbing softballs, and dove right into the hard-hitting questions.

“I gotta ask you straight up: how could you not have anticipated that these guys would play like this when all the statistics would indicate that they would play like this?”

I swear, Amaro spent the better part of the next six minutes debating older players don’t necessarily decline—hey, Marlon Byrd didn’t! Missanelli and Amaro volleyed back and forth for awhile until the GM begrudgingly had to admit “the majority” of older players do indeed decline. Baby steps, people.

That brief moment of clarity, however, was followed immediately by one of the more undignified portions of the interview.

“You’re out of line because you’re uninformed, Mike.”

“Well, I look at the standings, and you’re in last place, Ruben.”

Remarkably, the interview didn’t come completely off the rails right then and there. Amaro regained his composure and powered through all of Missanelli’s incredibly leading questions.

Whether you’re a fan of Missanelli or not, I think he asked a lot of questions fans have been waiting to hear the answers to. And to Amaro’s credit, he didn’t duck anything, even if the answers might be nauseating.

However, the interview works best as sheer entertainment, as the annoying talk-radio host pokes and prods the embattled GM until finally, for just a few moments, he comes unglued. Enjoy.

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