Shady McCoy with the line of camp: 'I own Dallas'

Shady McCoy with the line of camp: 'I own Dallas'
July 31, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Leave it to Shady McCoy to spice up a boring trade deadline day in Philadelphia.

LeSean has never been one to keep his thoughts or trash talking to himself so it's no surprise he delivered the best quote of Eagles training camp so far.

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver and general Philly pest Michael Irvin is over at the NovaCare Complex this afternoon in a media capacity. He talked to Riley Cooper and also elicited a wonderful line from McCoy, "I own Dallas."

It comes to us courtesy of Eagles scribe Jimmy Kempski. Hopefully the Playmaker talking with the reigning NFL rushing leader will provide more fantastic banter. We'll certainly follow up with any additional trash talk between these two.

For more on Irvin's media ramblings, please reference this archived post. It's a doozy.