The Sixers' D-League team has a new fox mascot

The Sixers' D-League team has a new fox mascot
August 22, 2014, 12:30 pm
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No roided-up rabbits. No dribbling Ben Franklin's. No fat dancing muppet-looking guys who think they're a big shot. Not even a moose. Just a really cool fox.

The Delaware 87ers, also known as the Sevens, unveiled the team's new mascot today: Caesar the Fox.

Now, that's how the team introduced him on Twitter today, with the 'f' in fox capitalized. Does that mean his full name is "Caesar the Fox?" And it's not just Caesar who happens to be a fox? The people want to know.

Caesar the Fox is named after Caesar Rodney, a famous Delawarean lawyer and Congressman from a couple years back. Mr. Rodney fought in the Delaware Militia and was a signer of a little document called the Declaration of Independence. A fun fact about Rodney? He is on the quarter coin of the U.S. Mint's special state release back in 1999.

The fox is the state animal of Delaware and it is fantastic.