Welcome to the new The700Level

Welcome to the new The700Level
June 24, 2014, 9:30 am
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Hello, Philly sports fan. Nice to see you here at The700Level.

You are currently reading words that appear in an Internet browser or maybe in a mobile phone application. It is typically presented on a website of a regional cable network on a section called "The700Level" which is often referred to as a blog.

A preemptive FAQ:

But what happened to the standalone URL of 'The700Level.com?'

It now redirects to CSNPhilly.com/The700Level, as you probably noticed.

What does this mean for the site?

The most basic explanation is that we simply switched the back end we were previously using for The700Level to the same one that CSNPhilly.com currently uses. That's it. That's really the only difference. But that difference will hopefully provide a number of benefits.

Wait, The700Level.com is associated with CSNPhilly.com?

While this blog has existed in some form or another for almost a decade (that is really strange to type), many people are not always aware that The700Level was acquired by Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia in 2010 and I've been a full-time CSN employee for over four years now. My full time job: running The700Level.com. That is still my full time job today. The only difference is the site will be found within CSNPhilly.com. Just think of it as changing the seat colors of the old Vet seats if you will. The view will not change.

But there has to be a reason for doing this, right?

Sure. There are many small reasons that add up to it making plenty of sense. We can now take advantage of every benefit and perk afforded to our cohorts at the CSNPhilly.com mothership. Tech support, video footage, easier promotion of The700Level content on CSNPhilly.com homepage and respective team pages, appearances in the CSNPhilly mobile app, distribution partnerships, Reuben Frank's calculator, Jim Salisbury's spectacles... lots of stuff!

What happens to the current group of Level writers? Will they still write for the site?

Absolutely. Kulp, AU, Greg, Steve, Dave, and The Evster will still be doing the same thing they currently do. Their roles will not change. We'll also continue our tradition of posting occasional guest posts from many of our fans and friends from around the web like FakeWIPCaller or whoever else has something to say.

But you're going to have to do everything CSN wants you to do now, right?

We've been part of the CSN family for over four years now. For that entire time, we've been allowed and encouraged to do what we do. They trust that we know what we're doing. They are us. Us are them. We can say 'whatever' a lot if we want. We get to have fun. But it makes sense for all of us at The700Level to work together with CSNPhilly Proper to provide the best overall experience we're capable of. We at the Level are still fans first. Writing about stuff we think intelligent fans are interested in.

You're switching to a new CMS, that means there will be some growing pains, right?

Probably. This is day one. It'll take some times for us to work out the kinks and get used to the new curtains but thankfully we have a team of people to help us along the way. You'll likely notice our Level homepage will be wonky on your mobile device or comments won't work on mobile out of the gate. Those are things we're aware of and will take a little time to fix.

For the record, I always thought the best of websites are the ones that can produce all the kinds of content a web surfer could want: legit sports chatter and analysis as the centerpiece, awesome photos, great videos, GIFs, opinion pieces, rumors, random fun stories from around the web, rankings or listicles, MAYBE EVEN SOCCER COVERAGE!, and HowTo guides on making your own NBA jerseys out of plain white t-shirts. Whatever the mood of the day calls for, really. We will continue to produce the kind of content we think Philly sports fans may find entertaining. If that's a list of TastyKakes ranked or 3,000 words on Evan Turner, so be it.

Got any other questions? I'll be happy to answer them in the comments.