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A Broken-Hearted Love Song About the Phillies... Er, Phyllis

A Broken-Hearted Love Song About the Phillies... Er, Phyllis

Love hurts. And so do blown Achilles tendons. Put the two together and you've got a sad song about broken hearts.

Level reader Brandon sent in this tune titled "Phyllis" his band, WarrenScottBand, wrote. Upon first listen you may think it's about some buxom South Philly women who broke his heart in the end, but for those of you who know, it's ostensibly about a baseball team that shattered his dreams of true love. At least that one time. [audio below]

Click here to listen to 'Phyllis' by the WarrenScottBand
And the lyrics:

"Phyllis" (B. Warren)
(c) 2012 WarrenScottBand

You promised me the world, on holiday

We were gonna live happily ever after with a sunny parade

I promised to do my part

It was destiny from the start

But Phyllis, then you broke my heart


We used to play the field, but just for fun

When I first laid eyes I swore this would be a homerun

A hunter after his prey

Coals burning brighter each day

But Phyllis, then you took it away



Those summer nights that we used to spend together

Just you and me and the AM Radio

I’d part the red sea

To get you closer to me

But I knew it wasn’t meant to be

When you didn’t show


I’d meet you at the park, our special place

Victory knows no thrill without the love of the chase

Advance to a wonderful start

Somehow it all fell apart

Phyllis why’d you break my heart?



Those summer nights that we used to spend together

Just you and me and the AM Radio

It caught me off guard

I was abandoned in the yard

Well I guess it wasn’t in the cards

Oh where did you go?


(Solo Section)



Those summer nights that we used to spend together

Just you and me and the AM Radio

Well my heart, it just sank

You can take that to the Bank

Baby Cause we left our scoreboard blank

Just thought you should know


So now it’s come to this, a swing and a miss

We had everything and more now that I reminisce

Though you won’t get to wear that ring

Who knows what coming seasons will bring

Oh Phyllis, I’ll try you again next spring

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Sixers to play on new court design, wear special City Edition jerseys with old school bell


Sixers to play on new court design, wear special City Edition jerseys with old school bell

The Sixers announced on Wednesday morning that they'll be unveiling their fourth edition jersey in the near future to be worn on seven tribute nights with a "Spirit of 76" theme to them.

It will include a bell logo on both the jerseys and at center court of the Wells Fargo Center.

"'Spirit of 76,' introduces a new 'bell' logo, inspired by imagery from Philadelphia's 1976 bicentennial celebration, a special center-court logo signed by 76ers full season ticket members, collectible tickets and membership boxes for season ticket members," the team said in a statement.

The team will also unveil three new sculptures at their Camden training facility to go along with the campaign.

“We are excited to announce the ‘Spirit of 76’ campaign as it provides another incredible opportunity to celebrate the proud tradition of the 76ers with the city of Philadelphia, our fans, players and alumni,” said Philadelphia 76ers Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Chris Heck. “The ‘Spirit of 76’ campaign honors the legendary icons who paved the way for this organization, while recognizing the passion and intensity of our fans.”

The City Edition jerseys will join the Association Edition (home), Icon Edition (road), and Statement Edition jerseys this season.

Below is a list of games for the "Spirit of 76" campaign where the special jerseys and court will be featured.

Thursday, Dec. 21 vs. Toronto Raptors

Friday, Jan. 5 vs. Detroit Pistons 

Friday, Feb. 2 vs. Miami Heat

Friday, Feb. 9 vs. New Orleans Pelicans 

Friday, March 2 vs. Charlotte Hornets

Friday, March 16 vs. Brooklyn Nets

Friday, April 6 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers 

And here's a glimpse at the court.