DeSean uses homophobic slur on radio

DeSean uses homophobic slur on radio
July 9, 2011, 2:19 am
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Eagles big-play wide receiver DeSean Jackson used a multi-word homophobic slur during a recent radio appearance on a Sirius XM hip-hop station, according to audio posted on as provided by web site

Jackson, 24, was appearing on a hip-hop-themed talk show and speaking with callers when a caller identified as Troy in Tennessee questioned Jacksons toughness, using some uncensored language of his own.

Jackson responded with what sounds like, What type of question is that, and then directed a series of homosexual slurs directed toward the caller, who was quickly cut off.

According to Deadspin, Jacksons appearance was June 30 on the All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear on Siriuss Shade 45 channel, which according to its own web site is the uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem.

The uncensored audio appears here.

There was no immediate comment from the Eagles.

There is precedent for NFL players to be fined or even suspended for using such slurs. Chiefs running back Larry Johnson was suspended for two games and one paycheck worth 330,000 in 2009 by the Chiefs, not the NFL after using numerous homophobic slurs on Twitter. In 2006, before the NFL adopted its current code of player conduct, Steelers linebacker Joey Porter was fined 10,000 by the NFL for calling Kellen Winslow of the Browns a homosexual slur the same one Jackson used.

Athletes in other sports have also been hit with large fines for similar slurs. Joakim Noah of the Bulls was fined 50,000 by the NBA in May for shouting a homosexual slur toward a fan at Miamis AmericanAirlines Arena during a playoff game. In April, Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and Lower Merion High School was fined 100,000 by the league for a similar slur directed at an official. Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell was suspended two weeks and fined an undisclosed amount for anti-gay slurs directed at fans at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

But its unclear whether the NFL or the Eagles would be allowed to fine Jackson for something he said during the lockout, when the NFLPA is decertified and theres no CBA governing league operations.

Jackson, a Pro Bowl pick in 2009 and 2010, has scored 12 touchdowns of 60 yards or more in just 50 NFL games, the most in NFL history by a player before his 25th birthday. He has 172 catches for 3,135 yards and 24 touchowns in three NFL seasons.

On his Twitter feed Friday evening, Jackson posted what may be a response to bad publicity hes gotten as a result of his recent Sirius comments: THEY LOOKN 2 TAKE YA DOWN AT ALL TIMES NO MATTER HOW POSITIVE AND WHAT U DO!! ITS ALWAYS AWAY THEY TRY TO GET YA.... IM STANDIN TALL.


Earlier this off-season, Jackson received much more positive publicity when he appeared on ABC-TV talk show The View to support a 13-year-old Philadelphia boy and Eagles fan who had been beaten up and bullied by seven older teenagers.
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