Report: Eagles draft pick Rolle declined car offer

Report: Eagles draft pick Rolle declined car offer
June 3, 2011, 5:24 pm
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Friday, June 3, 2011Posted: 1:19 p.m.By Reuben

One Ohio State football player didnt want a free car from a booster in violation of NCAA rules.

After all, why would Brian Rolle accept a car when he already had a 2002 Jetta?

Rolle, the Ohio State linebacker drafted in the sixth round in April by the Eagles, said in a radio interview he was offered a new car in 2009. But Rolle said no, unlike some of his teammates, who reportedly violated NCAA rules by accepting merchandise and services, leading to the demise of head coach Jim Tressel.

Somebody actually offered me a car and I said no, Rolle said in an interview with ESPN radio, according to a story in his hometown paper, the Naples News in Florida. I actually bought a 2002 VW Jetta in 09, and someone offered to give me another car, a better car, and cheaper, but me being the type of a person I am I said no to it because I wasnt raised to do something like that.

Wasnt it difficult to decline a free car?

Its not hard when you live by certain morals, something that Coach Tressel instilled in me, Rolle said. Sometimes a 10-second decision can affect your life, and thats something I thought about.

Tressel resigned Monday amid growing allegations that he was aware that some of his players had violated NCAA regulations by accepting gifts and selling memorabilia. Tressel was one of the most successful coaches in Ohio State history, winning the 2002 national title and seven Big Ten Conference titles.

Rolle is one of 62 of Tressels former Ohio State players to be drafted and the third drafted by the Eagles, following offensive lineman Adrien Clarke and safety Kurt Coleman.

I love the guy, Rolle said. He showed me how to grow from an immature kid coming to college now Im a man getting ready to graduate. All because of him taking the chance coming down to Immokalee, a small town and recruit a kid like myself. I owe him a great deal for the success Ive had thus far. I love him and hes a guy I havent lost faith in and I still trust in him.
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