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Flyers 2011-12 TV Schedule

Flyers 2011-12 TV Schedule

Great news for you puck junkies. All 82 Flyers games this season will be broadcast in HD and will be available on either Comcast SportsNet, The Comcast Network (TCN), or either Versus or NBC. Additionally, once the calendar flips to 2012, NBC Sports and Versus will be rebranded as the NBC Sports Network in the United States. You'll be able to catch a handful of Flyers games on there.

The orange and black kick things off on opening night on Versus against the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

As for the majority of the games on Comcast, it'll be your trusty old broadcasting crew of Jim Jackson, Keith Jones, Steve Coates and Bill Clement. Hopefully Coatesy has been busy all summer working on some great new bits for Coatesy's Corner.

The full Flyers schedule, including which channel will air which games is below.



Thu.   Oct. 06    @
Boston             7:00PM    VS

Sat.   Oct. 08    @
New Jersey      7:00PM    CSN

Wed. Oct. 12    vs.
Vancouver       7:30PM    CSN

Sat.   Oct. 15    vs.
Los Angeles    7:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Oct. 18    @
Ottawa             7:30PM    CSN

Thu.   Oct. 20    vs.
Washington     7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Oct. 22    vs.
St. Louis         7:00PM    CSN

Mon.  Oct. 24    vs.
Toronto           7:00PM    CSN

Wed. Oct. 26    @
Montreal          7:30PM    CSN

Thu.   Oct. 27    vs.
Winnipeg         7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Oct. 29    vs.
Carolina          7:00PM    CSN



Wed. Nov. 02    @ Buffalo             7:30PM    VS

Thu.   Nov. 03    vs.
New Jersey     7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Nov. 05    vs.
Columbus        7:00PM    CSN

Wed. Nov. 09    @
Tampa Bay      7:30PM    VS

Sun.  Nov. 13    @
Florida             5:00PM    TCN

Mon.  Nov. 14    @
Carolina           7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Nov. 17    vs.
Phoenix          7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Nov. 19    @
Winnipeg         3:00PM    CSN

Mon.  Nov. 21    vs.
Carolina          7:00PM    CSN

Wed. Nov. 23    @ N.Y. Islanders  7:00PM    CSN

Fri.    Nov. 25    vs.
Montreal          3:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Nov. 26    @ N.Y. Rangers   2:00PM    CSN




Fri.    Dec. 02    @
Anaheim          10:00PM TCN

Sat.   Dec. 03    @
Phoenix           8:00PM    CSN

Wed. Dec. 07    @ Buffalo             7:30PM    VS

Thu.   Dec. 08    vs.
Pittsburgh       7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Dec. 10    vs.
Tampa Bay      7:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Dec. 13    @
Washington      7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Dec. 15    @
Montreal          7:30PM    CSN

Sat.   Dec. 17    vs.
Boston            1:00PM    CSN

Mon.  Dec. 19    @
Colorado          9:00PM    CSN

Wed. Dec. 21    @
Dallas              7:30PM    VS

Fri.    Dec. 23    @ N.Y. Rangers   7:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Dec. 27    @
Tampa Bay      7:30PM    CSN

Thu.   Dec. 29    @
Pittsburgh        7:00PM    CSN



Mon.  Jan. 02     vs. NY Rangers     1:00PM    NBC

Thu.   Jan. 05     vs.
Chicago          7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Jan. 07     vs.
Ottawa            1:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Jan. 08     @
Ottawa             5:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Jan. 10     @
Carolina           7:00PM    TCN

Thu.   Jan. 12     @ NY Islanders    7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Jan. 14     @
Nashville          8:00PM    TCN

Tue.   Jan. 17     vs.
Minnesota       7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Jan. 19     vs. NY Islanders    7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Jan. 21     @
New Jersey      1:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Jan. 22     vs.
Boston            3:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Jan. 24     @
Florida             7:30PM    CSN

Tue.   Jan. 31     vs.
Winnipeg         7:00PM    CSN




Thu.   Feb. 02    vs.
Nashville         7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Feb. 04    vs.
New Jersey     1:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Feb. 05    @ NY Rangers     1:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Feb. 07    vs. NY Islanders    7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Feb. 09    vs.
Toronto           7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Feb. 11    vs. NY Rangers     1:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Feb. 12    @
Detroit             7:30PM    NBC/VS

Thu.   Feb. 16    vs. Buffalo            7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Feb. 18    vs.
Pittsburgh       1:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Feb. 21    @
Winnipeg         7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Feb. 23    @
Edmonton        9:30PM    CSN

Sat.   Feb. 25    @
Calgary            10:00PM CSN

Tue.   Feb. 28    @
San Jose         10:30PM  TCN




Thu.   Mar. 01    vs. NY Islanders    7:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Mar. 04    @
Washington      7:00PM    NBC/VS

Tue.   Mar. 06    vs.
Detroit             7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Mar. 08    vs.
Florida            7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Mar. 10    @
Toronto            7:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Mar. 11    @
New Jersey      7:00PM    CSN

Tue.   Mar. 13    vs.
New Jersey     7:00PM    TCN

Thu.   Mar. 15    @ NY Islanders    7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Mar. 17    @
Boston             1:00PM    CSN

Sun.  Mar. 18    vs.
Pittsburgh       3:00PM    NBC/VS

Tue.   Mar. 20    vs.
Florida            7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Mar. 22    vs.
Washington     7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Mar. 24    vs.
Montreal          7:00PM    CSN

Mon.  Mar. 26    vs.
Tampa Bay      7:30PM    VS

Thu.   Mar. 29    @
Toronto            7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Mar. 31    vs.
Ottawa            1:00PM    CSN




Sun.  Apr. 01     @
Pittsburgh        7:30PM    NBC/VS

Tue.   Apr. 03     vs. NY Rangers     7:00PM    CSN

Thu.   Apr. 05     vs. Buffalo            7:00PM    CSN

Sat.   Apr. 07     @
Pittsburgh        4:00PM    NBC/VS



* Updated: September 12, 2011

CSNPhilly Internship - Advertising/Sales


CSNPhilly Internship - Advertising/Sales

Position Title: Intern
Department: Advertising/Sales
Company: Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
# of hours / week: 10 – 20 hours

Deadline: November 20

Basic Function

This position will work closely with the Vice President of Sales in generating revenue through commercial advertisements and sponsorship sales. The intern will gain first-hand sales experience through working with Sales Assistants and AEs on pitches, sales-calls and recapping material.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist Account Executive on preparation of Sales Presentations
• Cultivate new account leads for local sales
• Track sponsorships in specified programs
• Assist as point of contact with sponsors on game night set up and pre-game hospitality elements.
• Assist with collection of all proof of performance materials.
• Perform Competitive Network Analysis
• Update Customer database
• Other various projects as assigned


1. Good oral and written communication skills.
2. Knowledge of sports.
3. Ability to work non-traditional hours, weekends & holidays
4. Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
5. Must be 19 years of age or older
6. Must be a student in pursuit of an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Juris Doctor degree
7. Must have unrestricted authorization to work in the US
8. Must have sophomore standing or above
9. Must have a 3.0 GPA

Interested students should apply here and specify they're interested in the ad/sales internship.

About NBC internships

Chris Long: Putting 'my money where my mouth is' with donation of game checks

USA Today Images

Chris Long: Putting 'my money where my mouth is' with donation of game checks

Whether it was his passionate defense of Colin Kaepernick, his show of support for Malcolm Jenkins' raised fist by draping his arm around his teammate during the national anthem or his strong words about racism and violence in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, Chris Long has been extraordinarily outspoken since he joined the Eagles.

Now he's more than outspoken.

"I had a few people that were like, 'Hey, these gestures are great but why don’t you guys get out there in your communities?'" Long said.

So he is.

Long announced via his Twitter account earlier this week that he plans to donate his first six game checks from this year's salary -- more than $350,000 -- to create two scholarships for students in Charlottesville.

At his locker on Wednesday, he explained what led to the remarkably generous gesture.

"My wife and I have been investing in scholarships in my hometown for a while," Long said. "I'm interested in education, always have been, and … the best way I can give back to something I love is take it out of my game check, because what I love doing is playing football.

"I could (fund the scholarship) another way, but just taking it out of my game check makes it real easy for me to realize why I’m coming to work every day. It’s been a blessing."

Long, 32, is in his 10th NFL season and first with the Eagles. He's the son of Hall of Fame defensive end Howie Long, who graduated from Villanova in 1981.

Chris Long had his first sack as an Eagles Sunday against the Chiefs. He now has 59 ½ in his career.

"I’ve been lucky," Long said. "I’ve made a lot of money in my career, so it’s not like I’m scrapping check to check. This isn’t a hero thing. It’s nothing like that. It’s honestly just that I want to put my money where my mouth is.

"It’s something we’ve done before, but we’re upping the ante this time."

Long signed a two-year, $4.5 million contract with the Eagles this offseason after winning a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots last year, the first time he's ever played for a team with a winning record.

His 2017 base salary is $1 million, which means each of his 17 game checks equal $58,823. Six game checks equals $352,941.

Long said being able to donate that kind of money makes the game more meaningful for him.

“It for certain does," he said. "It means a lot to go out and play football every Sunday. To be honest, I would play games for free. The thing I wouldn’t do for free is sit in meetings and do practice every day.

"Honestly, it’s a joy no matter what. But just knowing that the game checks are going to that makes it more special for me. You know, 10th year, you don’t know how long you’ll be able to do this, so your platform is really important and meaningful now. You don’t know how meaningful it’ll be in a year or two.”

Long said he's not done yet, either.

His foundation -- the Chris Long Foundation -- has more charity work in store in the coming weeks.

"My foundation is going to launch another campaign this year that’s going to be similar that’s hopefully going to have some fan involvement," Long said.

"It’s going to be broader reaching than just a couple kids getting scholarships, so I’m excited about that."