Flyers' layoff marks the return of 'Boring Bryz'

Flyers' layoff marks the return of 'Boring Bryz'
April 26, 2012, 3:07 pm
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While the Flyers continue to wait to see who they will be facing when the Eastern Conference semi-finals start this weekend, it appears as though goalie Ilya Bryzgalov is already in fine shape.

The Bryzly Bear has once again transformed himself into Boring Bryz when dealing with the media.

All the funny one-liners and humor that made him a media darling have again taken a back seat, as he puts on his game face" for the second round.

Heres his latest session...

Q: How can the guys stay fresh this week?

Bryz: Eat more veggies.

Q: Are you bored with all this practice?

Bryz: Yeah, bored with you guys.

Q: Bored with the practices? Would you prefer the games to begin?

Bryz: Were working on some things. Always having fun in practices.


What else?

Q: Will you be happy when you know the name of your opponent, so it makes it easier to prepare?

Bryz: I cant control this.Really it doesnt matter.

Q: What are you doing to stay sharp? What are doing right now?

Bryz: Going in the shower.

Q: What are you doing on the ice to stay sharp?

Bryz: Trying to stop puck. Do my job.

Q: Can you talk about how the defense has stepped up after losing a lot of guys?

Bryz: We have depth in the D-line. We have pretty good players playing in the minors, too. I told you all year: Its not only the obligation of the D to play defense, its the obligation of the WHOLE team. If its only the D that plays defense, youre not going to have any success. When the whole team tries to defend your net, its much easier for everybody.

Q: Have you seen the younger forwards improving as season has gone along?

Bryz: Yeah, with every game you get more experience and understand game better.

Q: Were the last two games of the Pittsburgh series easier from a goaltenders standpoint because it was less chaotic? They looked like normal playoff games.

Bryz: Theres no easy games in the playoffs.

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