NHLPA close to disclaimer of interest power again

NHLPA close to disclaimer of interest power again
January 5, 2013, 1:55 am
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NEW YORK -- Sometime on Saturday, the NHLPA will once again be armed with its disclaimer of interest to file against the NHL.And, in fact, it may very well file by Monday. Or it could keep it in its back pocket as leverage at the bargaining table.Right now, while the two sides talk through a mediator instead of each other, both are angry that a new CBA isnt in place (see story).Were in a holding pattern, said a union source on Friday. The NHL doesnt seem interested in negotiations, only playing games. The owners have their 50-50, they have their concessions across the board on almost every issue and still its not enough.Among the thorny issues still out there are the salary cap in 2013-14, pensions, contract term limits and salary variance within such contracts.The threat of a disclaimer either is going to get a deal done or cause everything to fall apart just five days from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmans Jan. 11 deadline to make a call on canceling the season.At some point Gary has to decide if he has enough concessions or whether he wants to roll the dice fighting in court for the next two years in court they still dont have a CBA and are left with an irreparably damaged business. We are all sitting back and waiting for Gary to make his next move.
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