Talbot knows Pens are capable of comeback

Talbot knows Pens are capable of comeback
April 18, 2012, 3:38 pm
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Although a number of Flyers still remain from the 2010 playoff roster, players who are intimately familiar with being down 0-3 in a series, one stands out who was not part of that run: Max Talbot.

He was part of the Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup team and scored two goals in Game 7 against Detroit to give the franchise its third Cup.

Talbot has a lot of friends on the other bench. If youve looked at the close-ups on him during the games so far, you can see how it bothers him when he sees some of the out-of-character displays of thuggery from the Pittsburgh bench.

Even from his friend Sidney Crosby, who is doing things he usually doesnt do to try and inspire the Pens.

I see Sid as such a great competitor, Talbot said. He shows up every night for a game. When its not going his way, he tries to do other things. Hes like me, but 10 times as much skill. Hes going to do everything he can help his team and get a win.

Crosby and his coach, Dan Bylsma, said its not beyond the Pens grasp to win Game 4 on Wednesday.

Nor is it unimaginable that Pittsburgh will do to the Flyers what Peter Laviolettes club did to Boston in 2010 in the Eastern Conference semis win four in a row.

When told this week that fans in Pittsburgh are embarrassed by the Penguins, Crosby got defensive.

You know what, I think the tough part is that if theyre in this room, theyd see how much every guy cared, Crosby said. Its more than one team thats doing that stuff out there. They should have nothing to be embarrassed about.

They should be pretty proud of the guys they have here. Its a terrible situation to be in, being down 3-0. But thats when you need your fans the most. Were not going to sit here and make excuses.

We cant fix the fact that were down 3-0. But I think we all believe we can come back and I think this is when you lean on your fans the most.
Talbot and Crosby are best friends, have been for years. Yeah, Sid said he hates all the Flyers but Talbot said that it was in the heat of the moment and that their friendship wont be affected.

The point is, Talbot knows what the Penguins, who have 11 players on their roster from that Cup run, are capable of. He also knows the Flyers never thought theyd be in a position to sweep Pittsburgh.

So given the chance, Talbot said, it would be best for the Flyers not to give the Pens any life in Game 4 by extending the series.

Its not over, Talbot said. Theres one more game to be played. The three games dont mean anything until the fourth one. This is a big test. They will come out and give everything.

Theyre been one of the best n the league since for a while now. The second half of the season, they were really dangerous. Its about Game 4 now.

Did you ever think youd be in position to sweep?

If you asked me at the start of the playoffs if wed be up 3-0, I would have said, no, Talbot replied.

Should the Flyers sweep Pittsburgh, they would be likely face a lengthy delay to the start of the next series.

The good thing there, however, is that players can rest. Injuries can heal.

Every time you get a chance to finish a series, whether it is Game 4, 5 or 6, you want to give it your all to finish it as fast as you can, Talbot said.

Its important to finish and have more rest. Rest your body is always a good thing. You dont want to go back to Pittsburgh and take that chance.

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