And Henceforth, "Pulling a DeSean Jackson" Shall Be Known As "Pulling a Danny Trevathan"

And Henceforth, "Pulling a DeSean Jackson" Shall Be Known As "Pulling a Danny Trevathan"
September 6, 2013, 9:33 am
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Truth told, it probably won't happen--people will still remember the gaffe primarily for DeSean because he did it first and he did it twice and so on. Still, I'd say this one was way worse--at least you had to watch the D-Jax highlight a couple times to make sure he really got rid of the ball before he crossed the goal line. Trevathan isn't even at the one-yard line when he starts to let go of the ball.

What's more, the loose ball ended up going out of the end zone for the Broncos, resulting in a touchback and a loss of possession, whereas with DeSean's blunder, the Eagles at least still ended up scoring a TD on the drive, once all the replay and such had settled.

On the other hand, at least with Trevathan, he was a defender to begin with, and therefore shouldn't be used to scoring touchdowns or have a real sense for the end zone like a wide receiver. And before Trevathan's not-TD, the Broncos were already up by 25 points in the fourth quarter, though the turnover led to an 80-yard Ravens march that made the game a whole lot more interesting than it should have been. (The Broncos still won 49-27).

Anyway, now that the naming honors for jettisoning the football prematurely on a touchdown celebration have been bequeathed to Trevathan, "Pulling a DeSean Jackson" can now refer to returning a punt 65 yards for a game-winning touchdown against the Giants. That's a much nicer thing to be known for, isn't it?

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