Andy Reid Is Back With the Team

Andy Reid Is Back With the Team
August 8, 2012, 5:59 am
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Just three days after unfathomable tragedy struck at Lehigh, and one day after the funeral of his oldest son, Garrett, Andy Reid reportedly has returned to training camp as the Eagles begin preparing for Thursday night's preseason opener. Coach Reid will hold a press conference later on this morning, and is expected to be on the sidelines for the game as well.

Some thought Andy might take a little more time, others have opined he should. If the head coach and his family believe what's best during this difficult period of mourning is to attempt to get back to normal, who can argue?

While I can't relate to the Reids' situation, I appreciate it's hard for anybody around the Eagles to think about football right now. My intention heading into this week was to examine different aspects of the team similar to how we've done in recent weeks and seasons past, but Monday rolled around and it didn't feel appropriate, Tuesday no more so. Today doesn't feel a whole lot better either, but there is a game tomorrow, so we're going to jump back into it.

It feels small and trivial by comparison, but after a trying past few days, putting the focus on football might be the best medicine. We will continue to keep the entire Reid family in our thoughts though.

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