Area woman lashes out at the wrong Jets for signing Michael Vick

Area woman lashes out at the wrong Jets for signing Michael Vick
March 25, 2014, 12:52 pm
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Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is still a rather polarizing figure and anytime his name appears in the news there are going to be those who believe he deserves zero chances to be an upstanding member of society ever again.

After Vick signed with the New York Jets last week, many of those people came out of the woodwork. Some were happy that Vick was no longer on their team, the Eagles, while others were outraged that the Jets would welcome a former criminal.

Thelma is one of the outraged and posted this rather humorous message on the Jets page on Facebook:

As you can read in the note above, it was the wrong Jets. Wrong league, wrong sport, wrong country, wrong Jets.

The screen cap comes from a site called BackPageFootball and as Bleacher Report points out, while the Newcastle Jets could have simply let the comment go, they offered a reasoned response. And they're probably right, Vick developed a reputation in Philly as a great guy to have around the locker room and on the practice field. Even when they were battling it out for the starting position, Nick Foles and Vick appeared to be best buds. Once he returned to the NFL following his stint away from the game, he had a much more dedicated work ethic. Those are all the kinds of things you want in a mentor on the football field.

Not really sure how good he'd be at soccer though.

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