Asante Samuel Demanding Eagles Fans Cheer for Him Assures They Will Boo

Asante Samuel Demanding Eagles Fans Cheer for Him Assures They Will Boo
October 25, 2012, 11:09 am
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Going to the Eagles game this Sunday, and wondering what kind of reception to give Asante Samuel when he walks out of the tunnel? In an interview with (via, Asante issued an ultimatum of sorts to the Lincoln Financial faithful.

Cheer for me -- or else.

"They better cheer for me. They're going to cheer for me or we're going to have a problem right there in Lincoln Financial (Field)," Samuel told on Thursday. "All y'all fans, all I did for y'all, y'all better cheer for me. Deuce here. (I've) got nothing but love for y'all."

We can only imagine the "problem" that we're going to have is a pissed-off Samuel running back Michael Vick passes for scores.

In all honesty, after four seasons in Philly and three trips to the Pro Bowl, number 22 is probably worthy of a few cheers before the game. Then again, he hasn't exactly been endearing himself to the fans all week, that's for sure. He's almost asking for boos.

Come to think of it, he is asking for boos. Probably best to meet his return with indifference.

Also in the nearly five-minute interview -- which by the way, Samuel conducted at his locker with his helmet on -- the brash corner basically bragged about forcing the Eagles' hand in the trade to Atlanta, which notoriously net the Birds a lone seventh-round pick.

"We all had to agree on it together. I had other choices that I was not going to pick. Atlanta was a place I wanted to come," Samuel said. "They tried to not let me come to Atlanta, but you know we got it done. We got it done."


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