#AskFakeWIPCaller: A Philly Sports Mailbag

#AskFakeWIPCaller: A Philly Sports Mailbag
November 27, 2013, 10:16 am
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With the Eagles on their bye week, the Phillies assembling a squad of over-35 All-Stars and the Sixers completely ruining their future by trying hard and winning, I figured we'd try something different this week: It's the first-ever @FakeWIPCaller Philly sports mailbag.

@FakeWIPCaller @The700Level how many Super Bowls would Jim Johnson have won if he wasn't saddled with Donovan? #askfakewipcaller

— Dr. Cat (@LaugherCurve) November 26, 2013

All of them.

Why won't Lurie spend above the NFL salary cap? It's illegal, but shouldn't he do whatever it takes to win a Super Bowl? #askfakewipcaller

— Eric (@Eric_111) November 26, 2013

I wish the Eagles' owners had the competitive spirit and commitment to winning of Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder.

@FakeWIPCaller #askFakeWIPCaller Is it true that you think Marion Campbell was the greatest coach in Eagles history and wasn't given time?

— Angry Amishman (@Angry_Amishman) November 26, 2013

No. My ranking of Eagles coaches goes Buddy, Chip,  Vermeil, Marion Campbell, Ray Rhodes, Rich Kotite, Andy Reid.

@FakeWIPCaller #askfakewipcaller who would win in a game between Donovan’s detractors versus his guys? You know…FredEx, Shawn Andrews, TO,…

— Jack (@jqberlin) November 25, 2013

Donovan has guys?

#askfakewipcaller speaking of cheap why no extension for Nick Foles? Where's the urgency?

— Sean (@SeanWats) November 25, 2013

You said it. I agree with the caller last week who demanded that the Eagles, right now, give Foles the franchise tag.

Why are the Flyers taking so long to put up a statue of Ray Emery? #askfakewipcaller

— tim bowdoin (@the_other_tbow) November 25, 2013

Only if they have a way to repeatedly ram it into the Braden Holtby statue.

@FakeWIPCaller If the Eagles lose on Sunday, who's to blame and why is it Donovan McNabb? #askfakewipcaller

— Mike Wasserson (@Mike_Wass) November 25, 2013

His birthday was a huge distraction during the bye week.

@FakeWIPCaller When is Nick Foles eligible for the Hall of Fame? #askFakeWIPCaller

— B Lada (@LadaPSU09) November 25, 2013

Normally I'd ask for them to wait until the next induction ceremony, but I think the situation calls for a special exception, like the NHL did for Gretzky.

@FakeWIPCaller Not a question but shame on McNabb 4 bullying Shawn Andrews and shame on Andrews 4 being bullied by McNabb #askFakeWIPCaller

— Ultimate Male (@Thunder_Lips) November 25, 2013

I agree. Andrews was a fat, lazy, embarrassing weakling, and shame on McNabb for picking on him.

@FakeWIPCaller You're a true Philadelphia sports fan. Toughness and effort over results. What's your inspiration? #askFakeWIPCaller.

— Billy Eager (@benafflaco) November 25, 2013

Buddy and Dykstra, mostly. And every 65-year-old ex-Flyer with teeth missing.

Other Philly sports takes:

- I was really down on the 2014 Phillies, and didn't see much reason for hope. But now that I hear Ryan Howard lost weight? Game changer. First place is ours.

- Still, disappointing that the Phils lost out on Prince Fielder. Imagine him and Howard in the same lineup…

- So, so nice that Andy Reid's annual November collapse is happening in another city this year.

- According to the Daily News, the Sixers' biggest weaknesses so far this year are depth and defense. So here's hoping for less depth, and less defense.

- I said that line brawl against Washington would turn things around for the Flyers, and no one believed me. Well well well…

- T.O., Shawn Andrews, Freddie Mitchell. Every Eagles player McNabb feuded with his career is either broke, depressed, or in jail. I'm just saying, is all.

- Jon Bon Jovi wants to buy the Buffalo Bills? Wait until he promises them a concert...

- Happy Thanksgiving! It would be my favorite holiday each year if the Cowboys weren't involved.

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