Bernard Hopkins Felt the Need To Open His Mouth About Donovan McNabb Again

Bernard Hopkins Felt the Need To Open His Mouth About Donovan McNabb Again
May 11, 2011, 9:56 am
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Bernard Hopkins is one of the greatest boxers of his generation and a Philly guy taboot. We'd probably hold him in a much higher regard, however, if he didn't consistently feel the need to pick on Donovan McNabb. What exactly Hopkins has against McNabb is unclear, but B-Hop has waged a verbal assault on Donovan for years, so it was no surprise to see him do it again on Tuesday as he tried to gain buzz for his upcoming fight.

In the past, Hopkins had most criticized McNabb's inability to win the Super Bowl, but yesterday he attacked Donovan for apparently not being black enough.

From the Daily News:

"Forget this," Hopkins said, pointing to his own dark skin. "He's got a suntan. That's all."
I believe that is meant as an insult of some sort, but I always thought people looked nice with a suntan.

Hopkins continued on some Uncle Tom levels.

"Why do you think McNabb felt he was betrayed? Because McNabb is the guy
in the house, while everybody else is on the field. He's the one who
got the extra coat. The extra servings. 'You're our boy,' " Hopkins
said, patting a reporter on the back in illustration. "He thought he was
one of them."

To me, Hopkins has some strange vendetta against McNabb, perhaps because he was the star of stars in this city while the Executioner was just kind of an afterthought. Aside from picking some strange fight, B-Hop probably just wants some attention for his title bout.

Sadly, we just gave it to him for the wrong reasons.

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