Beware of Stealthy Foles Fever Spreading Across Delaware Valley this Fall

Beware of Stealthy Foles Fever Spreading Across Delaware Valley this Fall
September 19, 2012, 8:55 am
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Eagles rookie backup quarterback Nick Foles certainly made a splash in the preseason by performing well enough to unseat Mike Kafka for the role of No. 2 behind injury-prone Mike Vick. But did you know there may already be an epidemic going around known as 'Foles Fever?'

It helps when your name works into an alliteration nicely.

Despite having never actually played in an NFL regular season football game, Foles is proving that sometimes the most popular guy in Philadelphia is often the backup quarterback -- or maybe sometimes the backup's backup.

It turns out that Foles is joining another scrappy Eagles fan favorite from yesteryear, Mr. Invincible himself Vince Papale, as not-exactly-stars to appear at an autograph signing in Center City. Nothing earth shattering there besides an opportunity for Fake WIP Caller to have the best days of his life meeting those two.

What I found a little interesting, however, was the apparent existence of Foles Fever. From a promotional release.

Also, backup quarterback Nick Foles will be making his first
appearance of his professional career. Foles Fever is in full effect so
come out on Tuesday, October 2 from 4:15 to 6 p.m. to see him before he
gets too hot this season!

I don't think there can really be a Foles Fever until he stars in a Gary Barbera commercial.

Both players' appearances will take place at the Sports Cave in One Liberty Place. Papale will be there on September 26 while Foles will be there on October 2. Be sure to bring your hand sanitizer.

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