Chip Kelly on DeSean Jackson’s release: “purely a football decision”

Chip Kelly on DeSean Jackson’s release: “purely a football decision”
April 28, 2014, 2:45 pm
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It took exactly one month to the day after DeSean Jackson’s release, but Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly finally addressed the organization’s decision to part ways with the three-time Pro Bowler.

Chip Kelly: Decision to release DeSean Jackson was "purely a football decision."

— Jeff McLane (@Jeff_McLane) April 28, 2014

Working at the Eagles Youth Partnership’s annual playground build, Kelly denied reports of clashes with the prima donna wide receiver, or that alleged gang ties had anything to do with Jackson’s departure. Nor, apparently, was the decision related to the over $30 million that was owed over the next three seasons, or the 27-year-old’s stated desire to renegotiate that contract.

It was all about the 82 receptions, 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns Jackson posted in 2013, his first season in Kelly’s offense.

No sir, you don’t want that. Talk about a distraction!

Kelly also told reporters the Eagles had zero trade offers for Jackson.

Honestly, this is precisely why it never mattered in the first place whether the organization spoke more in depth about Jackson’s controversial exit. Until now, the Eagles offered only this 25-word statement.

After careful consideration during this off-season, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to part ways with DeSean Jackson. The team informed him of his release today.

Some fans and members of the media have been in distress over the lack of explanation for the bizarre move. The same people who were already upset will undoubtedly be annoyed by Kelly’s less than truthful answers here.

The reality is the team is taking the higher road by not airing their dirty laundry with a former player. If you still desperately need to know the exact reason, my suggestion is you pick any two or three of Jackson’s documented negative attributes—cost, tardiness, attitude, off-field—and just go with that.

Because the one thing we can safely rule out is this decision had next to nothing to do with football.

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