Chip Kelly's all like, "do you even know what a wildcat is?"

Chip Kelly's all like, "do you even know what a wildcat is?"
December 2, 2013, 11:47 am
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Chip Kelly is a beautiful man. A football genius. Bringer of joy to South Philadelphia.

He's a swell guy by all accounts.

But even Chip Kelly makes mistakes. Like when he removed red hot Nick Foles from the quarterback position for one play on Sunday in favor of... Brad Smith. The guy has been on the team for like three weeks and I'd love to know how many people watching at home even knew who he was.

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But don't try and call the wildcat formation Chip threw out there a wildcat formation. Know your terminology, will ya!

From Andy Schwartz's piece on the curious play call:

"It was not a wildcat play," head coach Chip Kelly said. "It's just Brad Smith plays quarterback. So let's straighten that out right now. We don't run the wildcat. It's just a play. He played quarterback. Nick played receiver because Brad's really good with the ball in his hands."

Got it. Chip Kelly doesn't run the wildcat (Until he does).

You may have been wondering, like me, why not use Mike Vick in such a situation? Chipper said Vick didn't practice as much as Smith this week and also that the two have very differing skill sets. But neither are wildcats.


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