Could Trade for Chiefs' Franchise LT Allow Eagles to Draft a Defensive Star in First Round?

Could Trade for Chiefs' Franchise LT Allow Eagles to Draft a Defensive Star in First Round?

The Andy Reid days in Philadelphia are over. And with them go the expectations we used to have come draft day. We knew what Andy liked and almost came to anticipate linemen with the Eagles first picks. That's if he didn't trade it. Enter Chip Kelly. We don't have any idea which direction Chipper will go in when the clock is ticking.

In today's Monday Morning Quarterback column, Sports Illustrated's Peter King quotes draft guru Mike Mayock as saying as much:

"And,'' Mayock said, "you throw a Chip Kelly in there at No. 4. He could
be so different. I'm not sure they value things in Philadelphia the way
everyone else does in the league anymore. So we don't know that. Add to
that the talent in the first round and the second round is pretty equal
at a lot of spots. I could see [defensive end] Bjoern Werner going six,
I could see him going 28. Right now, I think it's simply an
unpredictable year. I feel very good about my player analysis as we sit
here right now. I don't feel good at all about where those players are

King's column also has a couple of other interesting Birds-related nuggets.

King mentions the Kansas City Chiefs still attempting to shop franchised LT Branden Albert, hoping for an early second-rounder in return. That price may be a bit steep, but it's a worth discussing for the Eagles. A more tempting package for Philly might be something like this year's third and something thrown in next year.

Albert could come in and play RT right away, giving them more freedom with their first round selection to go a defensive player or Geno Smith or whoever they really covet.

And speaking of a defensive player they may really like, King also says they may have their eyes on a star.

Eagles have been nutty about getting players who fit the 3-4. Hear they
like Star Lotulelei a lot to play all along the line, even at nose.
Where they go -- Geno Smith, pass rusher, best corner in the draft -- I
don't know, but my guess is pass rusher.

There were some concerns after Lotulelei was sent home from the combine with a heart condition, but Howie Roseman told reporters today that he had been cleared of all health issues.

The draft is less than two weeks away. Chip Kelly's first big play call should give us a glimpse of the future in Philadelphia.

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A Process Graceland? Sam Hinkie's Philly area home is up for sale


A Process Graceland? Sam Hinkie's Philly area home is up for sale

Sam Hinkie's Philly area home is now up for sale for a whopping $3.1 million, according to

This is the perfect opportunity for the Hinkie Apostles to purchase the mansion and make their very own Process Graceland. Surely, there has to be a Kickstarter for this already up and running, no?

Here's how the home is Bryn Mawr mansion is described in the listing:

Located on a private cul-de-sac overlooking 25 acres of the Harriton Farm Preservation and built in the 19th century, the home has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread over three levels of living space.

A stone wall serves as the home’s axis and accommodates three floor-to-ceiling fireplaces. According to the listing agent, the restoration of the property—which included top-of-the-line masonry, stone work, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades—won the Lower Merion Preservation Award in 2005 .

And you absolutely know Hinkie is going to make out on the deal. He purchased the home in 2014 for a reported $2.66 million and is looking to make a cool half mil off the sale.

Sixers reach respectable spot in ESPN's latest NBA power rankings

Sixers reach respectable spot in ESPN's latest NBA power rankings

Everything seemed status-quo in ESPN’s Marc Stein’s most updated NBA power rankings. As expected the Warriors, Spurs, and Cavaliers occupied the top spots. But when you venture down to number 15, you may gasp. 
Yes, the Sixers (15-27) are gracing the middle of the power rankings at number 15. Stein is starting to "trust the process" after the team’s recent 8-2 stint. It isn’t just Joel Embid making headlines with his record-breaking numbers and internet love life, but the team is now getting its due.  
“Philly is doing plenty of interesting things,” Stein wrote. “Ersan Ilyasova and Robert Covington have combined to drain 51 threes over the past 10 games. The Sixers, as a team, have moved into the league's top 10 in defensive efficiency.”

Covington and Ilyasova are part of a new-look starting five along with Embiid, and guards T.J. McConnell and Nik Stauskas. McConnell and Stauskas had spent the majority of the season coming off the bench, but Stauskas has started the last 12 and McConnell 10 of the last 11 (McConnell was sidelined for one game with a wrist injury). The Sixers are 7-3 with that starting guard duo.
Despite the most recent loss to the Hawks, the Sixers have won four of their last eight victories by one possession. Giving them plenty of momentum to jump up ten spots from the last power ranking. 
The Sixers will be at home to play the Clippers this Tuesday night at 7 p.m. They will be without Joel Embid who continues to rest his injured left knee.