Daily News: Think twice about Freddie

Daily News: Think twice about Freddie
February 15, 2005, 4:14 am
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Sam Donnellon makes some good points about Freddie, but the main point that I disagree with is a point he doesn't really make.  If we send FredEx packing, we have to bring in someone to replace him.  I'm not talking about Billy McMullen either, if we let Freddie go or deal him, we need to bring in a legitimate receiver to be #2.  Pinky can think he is #2 all he wants, but he is not a number 2.

Link: Philadelphia Daily News - 02/15/05 - Sam Donnellon | Don't send FredEx packing

Who needs this, right? Who needs a guy who caught one pass in the Super Bowl, for a measly 11 yards? Who needs a guy popping off like this every week, a guy who seeks controversy as if he's a drive-time sports radio show host?

You need him, that's who.

Unless you have a better backup plan.

Because that's what Mitchell has become. A nice backup plan. It was nice to have those five catches of his in the playoff game against Minnesota when T.O. was still working on his miracle. Remember Freddie-on-the-spot in that game, wrapping up L.J. Smith's fumble into the end zone for a touchdown?

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