DeSean Jackson Is Really Into Sparkly Things, Including Footwear

DeSean Jackson Is Really Into Sparkly Things, Including Footwear
August 27, 2013, 4:24 pm
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As a recovering sneakerhead, I can usually appreciate a good collection when I see one. No doubt there will be at least a few pairs of Jordans, some Air Force 1s, possibly a few rarities.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen any Christian Louboutins before, but DeSean Jackson revealed that he is rocking quite a few pairs in his collection. DJacc Instagrammed a shot of his new kicks by the French luxury shoe designer, and I just gotta say whatever outrageous price he paid for these things was way too much.

I’m sorry, but my first thought was most of these look like ladies’ shoes! Is that turquoise sequin?

A lot of the comments on Jackson’s Instagram appear to be positive, and the photo is approaching 3,000 likes, so maybe it’s me. It’s entirely possible, nay likely my tastes are not up with the latest trends. And thanks to the hit hip-hop single Diamonds on my Neck, we do know DeSean has an affinity for all things that sparkle.

Im’Jus’Sayin’ I personally would never ever wear these. Okay, maybe the black and yellows, you know, if I was dressing up as a bumble bee for Halloween.

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