Did You Score Eagles Tickets Today, or Did You Forget Like Enrico?

Did You Score Eagles Tickets Today, or Did You Forget Like Enrico?
June 21, 2012, 11:07 am
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The annual Eagles ticket-grab was this morning at 10 a.m., and if you tried to land tickets to the home game against the Giants, we hear you were probably out of luck. Of course, if you forgot tickets went on sale today, you were coming away empty handed no matter what.

Then again, maybe not. Unlike in years past, there are actually still quite a few tickets available to a handful of games. Here's the rundown:

If you're willing to brave the elements, as of this writing there were bunches of seats left for a pair of dates in December. The Thursday night game against the Bengals could be a particularly chilly affair unless global warming decides to step in, while the Week 16 tilt with the Redskins also has some availability. Last I checked, you could still purchase four in a row for either game.

The Lions are probably the best opponent on the slate with some space remaining, but I could only get two (didn't check for three). Better jump in fast for a game in October that should be a little more fair-weathered than the previous two.

I was also able to secure singles for a couple of games: the Falcons and Panthers. If you don't mind sitting apart from each other, get on the horn with your friends while there's still time.

After a near mishap, I was fortunate to purchase a set of four to my coveted game, the Monday nighter against the Panthers, and I know Matt was successful as well. Some others were less fortunate... read the title.

Did you already get tickets, and to which games? Anybody get in for the Giants? That's the night Brian Dawkins is scheduled to have his number retired.

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