Donovan Loves You, Eagles Fans

Donovan Loves You, Eagles Fans
September 20, 2013, 3:32 pm
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We've all probably wasted more words on Donovan McNabb over the years than we all care to admit. The guy elicits emotions. All kinds of them. And the same can be said of his speech and number retiring ceremony during halftime last night at the Linc.

I'll note one part about the whole thing that I really enjoyed. Instead of having the PA announcer, Dan Baker, tell the crowd what was about to go down, the giant video screens at the Linc went right into a video montage with that NFL-sounding theme music. The first words you heard were that of Merrill Reese introducing Donovan McNabb as a rookie quarterback for the Eagles. You can't get much better than an intro from the voice of the Eagles. It was well done.

[watch the full Donovan McNabb halftime ceremony | or click here for a fan version with all the crowd noise]

The second nice touch was having Brian Dawkins be the guy to welcome McNabb out to the field. Those two were the face of the Eagles teams we loved so much for most of the last decade. Then McNabb took the microphone.

Yeah, it was kind of awkward at times, but that's Donovan. At the end of it all though, he made one thing clear, he loves the Eagles fans. And that's all he really had to say.

He pointed to the team banners that hang high above the Linc and correctly noted that the teams he and Dawk fought on were responsible for a remarkable six of them. It's easy to forget.

The rest of the night didn't go as well as most in green had hoped. But for a couple of minutes at halftime, we had a chance to remember some good times and give a little thanks to the guy who made a lot of it happen.

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