Eagles Draft Pick Scenarios

Eagles Draft Pick Scenarios
December 28, 2012, 5:25 am
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Andy Reid will likely coach his final game as the head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Whether he goes out with a win in his final game could change where the Birds pick in next year's draft, but it also could have no effect.

The Eagles can still draft as high as the third overall pick if the Eagles lose on Sunday AND the Raiders beat the Chargers AND the Lions lose. The Eagles could also possibly still get the third pick if Philadelphia loses, the Raiders win, and the Lions lose, depending on strength of schedule changes.

If the Eagles win on Sunday, the outcomes of other games could have a big impact on where they will select. The Raiders, Eagles, and Lions all sit with 4 wins currently. The Titans, Browns, Bills, and Cardinals all sit with 5 wins currently. So the Eagles, with a win on Sunday, could potentially drop to as low as the ninth overall pick depending on the outcomes of other games and any strength of schedule changes.

Which begs the question: after 14 seasons, it would nice to watch Andy Reid go out with a win, but nice things get thrown out the window in Philly when it affects the future, right?

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