Eagles LB Connor Barwin takes SEPTA to work

Eagles LB Connor Barwin takes SEPTA to work
October 15, 2013, 12:18 pm
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Thanks for the ride to work @septa_social #bus17 pic.twitter.com/K00TUJc8KE

— Connor Barwin (@ConnorBarwin98) October 15, 2013

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin is an interesting guy. We've already determined he may be the headiest Eagles player ever and he's done some unique things on Twitter in the past. So while it might be really surprising to see a typical NFL player ride the SEPTA bus to work, that's not really the case with Barwin who tweeted out the trusty sneaks-on-public-transportation photo you see above this morning on his way to the NovaCare Complex for practice.

Now they just gotta get him in one of those "I SEPTA Philly" commercials.

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