ESPN Writers Hate the Eagles, Love Andy Reid

ESPN Writers Hate the Eagles, Love Andy Reid
September 4, 2013, 3:33 pm
Share This Post’s stable of NFL writers released their “expert” guesses predictions for the 2013 season ahead on Tuesday, and believe it or not, the Eagles didn’t receive a whole lot of love. Not a single one of them chose the Birds to come out on top in the NFC East this year, and by my count only one out of 36 even has Philly in a wild card spot.

The one would be David Fleming, who also by the way rather insanely chose Michael Vick to be the league’s Most Valuable Player. I’m not even going to touch that one.

Obviously Ashley Fox, formerly of the Philadelphia Inquirer, did not pick the Birds. You changed, Ashley. You used to be cool.

Granted, most Eagles fans aren’t expecting much from this season, either. So like everyone else, ESPN’s writers are probably justified in not awarding the team any respect. Still, I guess I thought more people would be excited about the possibilities considering Chip Kelly’s somewhat unique vision. It’s not like the NFC East is full of powerhouses, ya know.

And while the Eagles appear to be an afterthought, the Chiefs under Andy Reid are not. 15, or nearly half the panel, like Kansas City to make the playoffs, including one nutjob (Grantland’s Bill Barnwell) who has them as AFC West Champions over the Broncos.

I suppose the Chiefs in the postseason is fair as well, as Reid actually inherited a roster with some talent out there. A fair number of people picking them clearly must be counting on Big Red’s influence turning that franchise around, because 12 chose him to win NFL Coach of the Year honors.

Votes for Chip: 0, or zero. Okay, what kind of odds would you give me that Chip Kelly finishes ahead of Andy Reid for Coach of the Year? Because I may consider that action.

>> Experts’ NFL predictions for 2013 [ESPN]

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