Even the Players Know: Panthers-Eagles Is the 'Battle of the Bads'

Even the Players Know: Panthers-Eagles Is the 'Battle of the Bads'
November 23, 2012, 5:53 am
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Over the summer, my family targeted the November 26th Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers as the game we'd try and get down to this season. We probably average about 1.5 games a season and this one stood out because my dad is friendly with legendary Eagles ticketing guy Leo Carlin who will be inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame on that day.

It looked somewhat promising at the time. Then half a season happens and it turned into a game people were willing to trade candy for tickets instead of cash. Heck, even the players involved know how bad they are.

Check out Panther's receiver Steve Smith's thoughts on the game:

“Oh, it’s real exciting,” Smith said, sarcastically, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “You’ve got the battle of the bads, I guess.

“They’ve got a lot of things going on, just as we do. But all that
goes out of the window. You get to be on center stage in front of
friends, families. It’s always exciting to be the only show playing.”

Yeah, or something like that.

Yeah, or something like that.

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