Fake Mike Vick Publicist Worse Than Fake Vince Young?

Fake Mike Vick Publicist Worse Than Fake Vince Young?
January 31, 2012, 10:23 am
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Apparently, those in the fashion world were worried about Eagles quarterback Mike Vick showing up at New York Fashion week, with headlines such as, "Don't Worry, Michael Vick Is Not Going to NYFW" appearing online.

Phew. We're glad we don't have to worry.

As the story appears to go, someone masquerading as Mike Vick's publicist was trying to score some seats to the fashion week events for themselves.

From a fashion-y related Internet publication refinery29.com:

it seems as though neither Vick nor his publicist have anything to do
with this; Instead, someone has stolen his publicist's identity to score
him the invites.

To seal the deal, Vick's (real) rep said his client wouldn't want to go to NYFW anyway.

Dude, Mike. As someone who has been to a New York fashion week show once, let me tell you: the scenery.

But yeah, what kind of fake person is going to be a fake person just to get into a fashion week show?

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