Freddie Mitchell: The Ladies Champ

Freddie Mitchell: The Ladies Champ
June 11, 2008, 11:53 am
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My good friend Bethie was recently in Las Vegas with 16 (!) of her closest lady friends (note to self: plan trip to Vegas ASAP) and happened to run into one of our favorite former Eagles.

Bethie and her ladies were hanging out by the VIP pool area at club Bare at the Mirage -- where tops are optional, of course -- when they ran into the former 4th and 26 star.

She tells ut that FredEx was chatting it up with one of her ladies and invited all 17 of them up to his suite for champagne and room service. They ate, drank, and hung out for 3-4 hours and had nothing but positive things to say about The Peoples Champ. It makes us a little bit happy inside to see that disappointing receivers can go on to lives of Vegas greatness.

We miss FredEx.

No word on whether any of the ladies got a chance to thank his hands for being so great. What happens in Vegas... we suppose.

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My friend Bethie and her friends with Freddie.

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