FredEx and Terrell Owens: the Perfect Odd Couple

FredEx and Terrell Owens: the Perfect Odd Couple
February 11, 2009, 8:08 am
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We've joked many times that Freddie Mitchell needed his own reality TV show but after hearing FredEx "interview" Terrell Owens on 97.5, it's clear that the People's Champ and T.O. would be the perfect odd couple.

You can listen to the interview here or check out PFT's quotes from the show. When asked whether Buffalo or Philly has better fans, T.O. told it like it is.

"No disrespect at all to Buffalo, I would have to give it to Philly. Both organizations' fans embraced me with open arms but I never felt
anything like when I stood in Lincoln Financial Field and heard 75,000
fans chant my name."

Then, of course, Owens and Mitchell took swipes at McNabb for games played almost half a decade ago.

"The city wasn't big enough for two people," Owens said. "Freddie can
attest to my character, my interactions with the team and the way I
carried myself in the locker room, and I have no regrets about
anything. Would I have liked to have continued staying there and
playing? Of course I would have. But it's unfortunate that a few things

Mitchell of the Super Bowl, "T came to the game and he was prepared and
everything else, and for whatever reason I didn't see a sense of
urgency coming from Five."

Owens and Freddie are clearly pals and Owens even takes jabs at the People's Champ. T.O. says there is a way they could both end up back in Philadelphia once again, "I'll be playing. And Freddie will be attempting to sing the national anthem."

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