Gallery: One Philly Sports Blogger's 2012 in Instagram Photos

Gallery: One Philly Sports Blogger's 2012 in Instagram Photos
December 20, 2012, 10:16 am
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Running a Philly sports website is a pretty fun gig most of the time. I get to go to tons of sporting events and call it work. Like most human beings in the civilized world I also own a smartphone that is capable of taking photographs. Sometimes we take photos of said sporting events we get the privilege of attending. The following is simply a sampling of shots taken with my phone and posted on Instagram (which may or may not use them in advertisements). Starting with January 1st of 2012, the Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park:

I believe 97% of these photos were taken with an iPhone 4. And yes, I go to a lot more Sixers and Phillies than any of the other teams.

Harry the K checks out the rink:

Mr. Questlove:

I got to eat dinner with Kobayashi before he won Wing Bowl.

The Sixers had some big names come out to the Wells Fargo Center:

Blake Griffin wouldn't stay still.

The Doc was all talkative before a game.

Kobe was intense.

As were Will, Jada, and their son. Sup @SixersCEOAdam?

The Sixers made a nice little playoff run.

They did win a few big ones in wild fashion. I think this was after Dre's big finish against Chicago.

The old leaders now departed:

A trip up to Boston for round 2 was fun... until they lost.

Dre on the parquet floor

Shoot around.

The Union kicked off another season. PPL is fun to photograph.
Home opener:

Fireworks at PPL in July

The Phillies kicked off 2012 in Pittsburgh with the return of Jim Thome (pictured during bp)

Chuck, Jimmer, and Hunter

Home openers are the best.

Like any Instagrammer, there is food and drink. Winter Classic crab fries:

The Flyers went on a really fun playoff run. 2nd row behind the glass is a great seat. Sid and Claude:

The crowd during the playoffs at Xfinity Live! was quite fun.

Went to the movies with Jrue.

I only actually made it to one Eagles game in 2012. It was Monday night and it sucked but I had a nice hat on so I took a photo of that instead.

Every once in a rare while we actually partook in sports. Like softball in Fairmount Park.

Oh, and this guy had a giant presser at the Constitution Center. Remember how fun that was?

At least this guy suits up still.

And perhaps my favorite shot of the year. A simple no filter of the skyline behind the Liberty Bell at CBP.

Hopefully more wins in 2013.

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